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Shyft Our new comic project will relaunch in Q1 2022!
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San Dalston StudioMew returns with Wild Animation Network, StudioPLKS, and GML394 to bring a new chapter in the WAN universe! Check out the trailer, and sign up for the casting call! Oscar and Otto Reborn Its official! Season 2 is now in production with Wild Animation Network, StudioPLKS and StudioMew returning for another season of adventures! New to the series? See the complete 1st season here! I'm Oscar! Yay! We are Dragon Multimedia LLC Want to see our wide range of projects current and previous? Click the button below and see our portfolio. Past Current


We’re Dragon Multimedia LLC. We specialize in entertainment products from the other side. We love to take risks and try out new projects that other studios will turn down. We also make our own IPs and content under the direction of CEO Connery Cateni. If you want to hear more about us, click on the button below.


Connery Cateni

CEO and Project Manager
Connery Cateni is the CEO of Dragon Multmedia LLC. Since 2011, he has been one of the most diverse content creator creating stuff from GoAnimate videos and YouTube Poop content as an editor, helping out as a volunteer with Pack Leaders Rescue of Connecticut, and recently bring his entertainment brand together under Dragon Multimedia LLC where he currently is CEO and Project Manager.

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