Our Brands

Want to see our portfolio of brands? This page shows all our brands and what they worked on.

Current Stars Icons

Dragon Multimedia LLC

The main company responsible for everything. Dragon Multimedia LLC is the main company in charge of all the IPs and Brands formerly under West Corps. alongside some new projects created by Dragon Multimedia LLC.

Wild Animation Network

Our oldest and well known brand, Wild Animation Network has a huge backlog and history from its relaunch in 2014 to how it is today as a collab brand between Dragon Multimedia LLC and StudioMew Media Group.

Slash Entertainment

Our newest brand of the family, Slash Entertainment is the side brand of the Dragon Multimedia LLC family.
We're still figure out its place, but we're happy to have Slash as part of the Dragon Multimedia LLC family.

Retired Goners R.I.P.

West Corps

Our previous brand name. West Corps (Originally Television West) is the main holding company of all the brands we own.