Introducing our new Mini-Comic Project! Endless Possibilities!

Dragon Multimedia LLC is proud to announce our new Mini-Comic project, Endless Possibilities. Endless Possibilities is a mini-comic series written by Shyft Creator Connery Cateni, and drawn by Brandon Zalar of Zalar Studios (
The series is about Clayton, a werewolf who can only shyft through potions, his bat brother Clementine whos loveable yet clumsy, and his wife Carlotta, a werewolf fan who becomes one. The trio will deal with a slice of life while running their own potion shop in Sheobia.
The series will have its first issue at the end of every copy of Shyft Issue 1! If you like what you see, check out the pre-launch page for Shyft and sign up for the mailing list for updates and a special reward tier only for those who are on the mailing list.
You can also check out Brandon’s work at his website,

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